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curtis grime

Tempany Windsor

'NWTAC has always and will always be a place I associate with home. My time there made me the person I am today. Their training gave me the drive and skills I needed to pursue my dream in the industry I love. I owe them so much and will always hold the company dear in my heart.'


Theatre includes: 'The Good Fairy' in Cinderella; 'The Scarecrow' in The Wiz; 'Peter Quince' in A Midsummer Night's Dream; 'Little Inez' in Hairspray; 'Juliet' in Romeo & Juliet; 'Gary Coleman' in Avenue Q; 'Nikki' in Shakers; 'Carmen Diaz' in Fame. 

curtis grime

Curtis Grime

'NWTAC has given me the best possible start to entering the industry. Not only has it provided me with professional training in all areas of the craft, but also, it has given me the confidence boost I needed to grow as a person. If it were not for NWTAC, I would not have had he opportunity to work professionally. The stage school is the perfect place to start your journey in the indusrty.'


Theatre includes: ‘Mookey’ in The Wedding Singer; ‘Joe Casey’ in Our House; ‘Paris’ in Romeo and Juliet; ‘Bad Idea Bear’ in Avenue Q; ‘Nick’ in Talk Torque (Tour); ‘Mate’ in Sinbad the Sailor (Tour); ‘Yoohoo’ in Aladdin; ‘Reilly’ in Our Day Out and ‘Dr Robert Harvey’ in Punk Rock. ‘Vladimir’ in Waiting for Godot; ‘Fred’ in Saved; ‘Lysander’ in A Midsummer Night’s Dream;’ Platonov’ in Platonov; ‘Mal’ in The Addams Family; ‘Ernst’ in Spring Awakening; ‘Gordon’ in RENT; ‘Lee’ in The Queen Bee Gets Stung, Brighton Fringe Festival.

jordan pendleton

Jordan Pendleton

'My time with NWTAC has been unforgettable! I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today without the phenomenal training and professional mentoring I have received here'.

Theatre includes: ‘Seymour’ in Little Shop of Horrors; ‘Eugene’ in Grease; ‘The Bishop’ in Les Miserables; ‘Coach Dunbar’ in Footloose; ‘Jack Scott in High School Musical On Stage; ‘The Phantom’ in The Phantom of the Opera; ‘Simon Stride’ in Jekyll & Hyde; ‘The Mikado’ in Hot Mikado, ‘A-Rab’ in West Side Story and 'Tunny' in American Idiot. 

jack ryan

Jack Ryan

'NWTAC gave me the professional training I needed to get a place in drama school, whilst also giving me an incredible set of friends and second family. NWTAC prepared me for the discipline of drama school and gave me the opportunities to perform in professional theatres and audition for professional jobs which I wouldn't have had otherwise'.

Theatre includes: 'Macbeth' in Macbeth, 'Mercutio' in Romeo & Juliet, 'Troy Bolton' in High School Musical On Stage, 'Galileo' in We Will Rock You, 'Seymour' in The Little Shop of Horrors,  'Ralph' in Our Country's Good, 'Malcolm' in 13 the Musical, 'Marius' in Les Miserables, 'Danny Zuko' in Grease, 'Princeton/ Rod' in Avenue Q, 'Nick' in Serving it Up, 'Alfred Allmers' in Little Eyolf,'Brick' in Cat on a hot tin roof and 'Caesar' in Antony and Cleopatra.